One beat.  One verse.  Time to see who’s really got bars.  If you consider yourself a rapper then surely you’re aware of the competitive history in Hip-Hop.  Competitions like rap battles have been around for decades, forcing MC’s to dig deep in the heat of battle and come up with punchlines that hit hard enough for the crowd to ouuu and ahhh over dope lyrics and slick wordplay.  The face-to-face style of rap battling has evolved over the years. As technology and the industry have both undergone changes, so has the way MC’s compete with one another.  

For those who don’t know, Lyric Lab’s monthly contests give our members a chance to create and record a verse over a randomly selected beat posted on our contest page.  Members then get a chance to vote for their favorite contest entry, and the entry with the highest number of votes at the end of the month is declared the winner.  Not only do contest winners receive a Lyric Lab prize pack, they also receive something even more valuable: artist recognition.  Being recognized as a skilled artist on our platform is the first step in having a successful career with your music.  The rules are simple, don’t tamper with the beat, and don’t extend the recording longer than the length of the beat.  Although these contests won’t have quite the effect of a live rap battle, the competitive side of Hip-Hop is still being tested.

Battle rapping will always be an art for the underground Hip-Hop community, that goes without question.  However, we at Lyric Lab see an opportunity to target the underground market in a new and innovative way.  By allowing members to create a verse to the same beat in a limited amount of time, we are giving all artists a chance to demonstrate their skills and respective style of verse-writing.  Our competitions give artists a chance to differentiate themselves from the rest, displaying why their voice deserves to be heard before the next MC in line.

Battle rapping will always be an art for the underground Hip-Hop community

We are currently in an age where Hip-Hop is considered a Billion dollar industry evolving from DJ scratching and Disco in the 70’s to what is now considered a lifestyle brand.  Hip-Hop is as big as ever, yet for some reason many claim the novelty that was once there with artists and other figures has been lost.  One of the main reasons these people have a point, is because the process of getting discovered as a Hip-Hop artist has changed drastically.  In the 80’s and 90’s, artists had to be very hands-on with their work.  If you didn’t work hard, you didn’t get signed, simple as that.  Nowadays, one video on Youtube that gets enough attention could be the spark that starts your career.  

Hip-Hop is considered a Billion dollar industry

While this transition has no doubt changed the landscape of the industry, we believe there is still reason to be optimistic in the current age of Hip-Hop.  The changing technology and evolution of rap presents unique opportunities that we strongly believe we are more than capable of seizing.  Our goal is to create a platform that validates an artist’s skills before they enter a bigger market.  By entering our monthly contests, not only are you showing other member what you have to offer, you are also becoming a part of that validation process.  Join our next contest and see what it’s all about.